How to Pick the Best Driving School

So you want to learn to drive or you have a teenager who wants to get their first wheels. The best way to drive is to enroll at a reputable and trusted driving school. This article will help you decide how to choose the best driving school:

What type of lessons do you need?

Driving schools can teach you two types of driving lessons. The first type is driver’s education which is for first-time drivers that come with classroom and on-hand lessons on cheap driving instructor insurance. econd type is safety or defense driving which are advanced courses for drivers who like to hone their driving skills – completing this course can also get you lower premiums on your car insurance.

Check the classroom

It helps to see the school with your own eyes. Look at the equipment they are using. See if they have simulators and if these are updated. Is the classroom shouting driving lessons the moment you walk in or are the walls just bare?

Driving instructors

Inquire the hiring process of driving instructors. Do they do background checks? Are they certified to teach? How long have they been on the job?

Check the cars

Assess the state of the cars the school is using for actual driving lessons and see if they are properly marked as student-driver cars. Of course you should expect a few bumps and scrapes – after all, they are

being driven by first-time drivers. Be realistic in your expectations. Ask if there is driving school insurance.


Ask how much time the student driver will get behind the wheel and where they will be learning how to drive. Some driving schools prefer teaching their students in a parking lot before taking them to a quiet highway. Some will take their students off road. Every driving school is different. Also ask about the student to teacher ratio. Will the hands-on experience be a one-on-one lesson or will the instructor be taking two to three students at a time.