Sprinkler Systems Kent, Get To Know Every Part

If you have noticed, there are many establishments today that have installed fire sprinklers. Not because it is mandated or a requirement for building construction but because people recognize nor realized the importance and the advantages that it brings.

Nonetheless, you may have one in your building or house but do you know each and every part of it? Are you familiar with this system that can aid you in times of fire trouble? If you answered “No” then here’s Sprinkle system parts that revealed from a reliable firm- Kent.  Learn about Sprinkler systems Kent on www.systematikmande.co.uk.

Sprinkler Systems Kent

Perhaps you already saw it in the movie or even from other establishments that released its water from the fire sprinkler and you happen to wonder how it works, below are parts with a description that let you identify things.


When there is possible fire or if there is extreme heat and smoke detected you will hear an alarm. It is called an “alarm valve” that controls the water flow into the sprinkler itself. This valve will transfer the water to sprinkler which eventually four down mostly in the affected area.

Alarm (test)

This part is just similar to the first one (alarm valve) but this will only use when testing the sprinkler system. This can be utilized to test if the system works as this will runs the fire pump without actually flooding.

Sprinkler Heads

This part is what we often saw above or in the ceiling wherein the water comes out when it works. This part is designed to open up when the high temperature detected.

Stop Valve

Obviously, this is the parts that will stop the water from flowing from the sprinkler head. When the temperature goes back to normal, stop valve will automatically work.

Now that you already know every parts, why not get acquire sprinkler system-Kent and feel safe.