Easy Steps In Using Marquis Reagent

When you are planning to buy a Marquis reagent, you will first need to think about how you sre going to be using it. In that matter, you need to know the step by step guide in using it so you are sure that you are going to handle it right. After all,  you do not want to waste your time, money and effort into buying one just by making careless mistakes. Here are the easy steps you can follow to make sure you are doing it right.

Step 1: Check the seal

First and foremost,  you should be able to check the container that is going to arrive to you. This is because making sure that your bottle is sealed is one of your jobs as a customer that you ought to exercise. If the seal is still there, it means that it is still plausible for use. More information on Ehrlich Reagent on wimscilabs.com.

Step 2: Use mini tester spoon

The next thing to do would be to start the proper of the process. Get a tube and place a small amount of sample into the tube.  Make sure not to have to many so that you would not waste so much of your resources and at the same time you only use small amounts of reagent as well.

Step 3: Drop that reagent

After doing that and having your sample ready for testing, the next thing you ought to do would be to grab the reagent bottle and start using it. Get about a drop of two and put it right in the tube where you have your clean sample.

Step 4: Observe

After that, make sure to note and observe the results you will get. Watch out for bubbling, fizzy reactions as well as the color of the result will be. After knowing that,  you ought to compare it with the color chart included inside the kit and then you will know what you are testing for.